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          韦德体育娱乐 offers a transformative boarding school experience through a culture of participation characterized by rigorous academics, a global outlook and Midwestern values.

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          Grades 9-12 

          韦德体育娱乐 is a co-ed, college preparatory school for students in grades 9 through 12.


          27 Varsity Sports

          The core motto of 韦德体育娱乐's athletics program is the promotion of sportsmanship. See a list of all of our teams at www.lfacaxys.org.


          13 States and 35 Countries & Territories

          Our students come from all over the U.S. and the world. About half of the students are boarders, and half are day students.


          150 Acre Campus

          韦德体育娱乐 is located on the former J. Ogden Armour estate and includes many of the estate's original buildings such as Reid Hall.

          韦德体育娱乐 is a home away from home.


          Meet the Caxys

          Get to know 韦德体育娱乐's students and faculty!

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